Sunday, 3 June 2012

War Hero!

SWTOR War Hero Imperial Agent

Tonight I finally hit Valor Rank 70, also known as War Hero. I'm pretty proud of myself, being such a latecomer to SWTOR PVP and all. I'm also growing rather fond of the small PVP community on my server, The Progenitor - there's one big and a few smaller Imperial PVP guilds that run premades, and one larger Rep side guild that's constantly causing me a headache with their really tough premades.

I'm always queuing solo for Warzones so it's always a gamble who I'll end up with and who I'll be fighting against - but it's part of the fun. I don't know what I'll do once we get Ranked Warzones, since you can only run those in a premade group of 8. Maybe I'll just have scout for an Imperial premade that's missing a sillykickass lil healer.

Oh and here's a little video of me running around like a headless chicken healing in Voidstar like a boss:

Happy PVPing!


  1. I really had a lot of fun watching your video. I just started a Scoundrel healer and while I don't suck at PvP with him right now, there are some things I know I'm not doing right that make me feel a bit less effective and I was able to pick up on a few things from watching that. So that you for sharing, I loved it.

  2. Glad you liked it - just don't pick up my bad habit of backpedaling :D

  3. Congrats! I love your swtor pictures, and if I had unlimited money supplies I'd be right there with you... :(

  4. Grats on the rank! I'm still not even lvl 30, but I'll get there one day... one day...

  5. Congrats! You'll be one of the few peeps who'll have a good start on obtaining the new PvP vendor pets post patch 1.3 too!

  6. Heh thank you Classy, Cithryth and anexxia!

    I was surprised they added PVP-only minipets, I might just get one of them if I have any spare money or comms. My server has quite a lot of War Hero (or higher) ranked players already, so the minis won't be that rare though.

  7. I just tried that warzone last night. :P With the news of Swtor going f2p, Spaix and I are in the trial.. but we sooo should have waited as lvl 15 is going to come too fast. I was playing a Sith.. uhm.. sorcerer? The one that can heal. ;) The pvp was chaotic, I had no clue what I was doing and was a total nub but it still felt fun. So tempting to buy/sub the game but can't at the moment.

    But! I did preorder GW2! Yay! I don't want to be alone when the game starts so I started looking at guilds. I was focusing on the Desolation server. It seemed to have good numbers plus the leader of what looks like one of the largest guilds is setting up some server Alliance. But anyway, I wanted to ask where you were going to be going and what your plans are? Do you hang with other people now or is it still EV? It's just that you're quite like me: you like blinged out toons, succeeding with difficult stuff, yet like fluff such as cosmetics and have an RP streak. So that's why I thought I'd ask about where you're planning on residing in GW2. :)

  8. Heyy Lothi, glad to hear from you! Would love to see you and Spyx in SWTOR but I guess it's a little late to get it now with GW2 practically at the door.

    I still plan to go Desolation at launch, probably joining both EV and an old RL-friends' guild but I'm also hoping to make a lot of new friends (and meet many old ones, *wink wink*), so might even join some completely new guild (since you can join as many as you like even on one character). Let's keep in touch!

  9. Yeah, we're going to see how f2p plans out with Star Wars. :)

    Okay, so I best continue my search for a guild since I want to take part in organised group stuff. It's sort of hard to do since I know what I like (friendly, fun, yet can be serious about succeeding, and large enough for things to be busy) but I can't yet be sure how much time I'll be committing to GW2, given I'm unsure about my future in Lotro (it may be coming to and end. :/) Hope to find you on launch day. I'll try to let you know what character name I go with (might be Nenneth. Lothirieth might be to lotr-y! :P)