I'm xhii, a gamer girl from Finland (north-eastern corner of Euroland). I'm not a journalist, so don't expect deep game analysis from me - at best you'll just get rage-induced rants. However, I do like taking screenshots in games, and my posts will consist mostly of pretty screens and some small anecdotes. I'm a graphic designer and I love games with good visual design, so I tend to have some serious fangirl moments whenever a new art-gasmy game is released.

THIS IS NOT A VERY SERIOUS BLOG. It contains, among other harmful substances, much lulz and gigglz and RAGE. And pretty pictures!

This blog's name, Roll one hundred, comes from the most common method of sharing loot in MMOs. At one point in Lord of the Rings Online I had ridiculously good luck in /rolling close to the magical one hundred, so the phrase stuck. Unlike the most common search words to this blog would indicate, I have absolutely no idea (or secret technique!) to actually influence the rolls.

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Currently playing:
Star Wars - The Old Republic
 - The Progenitor server, Tua (imperial agent)

Rift - Planes of Telara
 - Argent server, Tiede (kelari mage)
The Lord of the Rings Online
 - EN-RP Laurelin server, Lhasbelin (elf lore-master)
Final Fantasy XIV
 - Besaid server, Tui Teatime (elezen archer)
Age of Conan
 - PVP-RP Aquilonia server, Agismona (cimmerian dark templar)
 - Gorgos server, Saraste (elyos spirit-master)
Allods Online
 - Isa server, Suhkur (gibberling scout)
Guild Wars
 - Victor Xll (necromancer)
Final Fantasy XI
 - Cait Sith server, Maayal (hume white mage)
Star Trek Online
  - Lhas B. Lin (betazoid tactical officer)
Warhammer Online
 - Karak-Norn server, Valkia (high-elf Swordmaster)