Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back to Rift

I was a bit pissed off at the start of the week because I hadn't got any response from the Rift customer service them to the ticket I sent on Saturday, until I got an email on Monday that my ticket had been closed because I hadn't replied in 48h... turns out there's a 3rd party customer service site where all the tickets are answered but I never got any email notification about it (and there was NO mention about the other site in the automated ticket response) so I couldn't have known. Meh. Oh well, I had to call their customer service in the US but luckily they could just remove the borked Mobile Authenticator from my account so everything's fine now. Yay!

I'm so going to need a beach holiday after these dark tunnels!

I continued working on my Mage, who is now 34 or so. I was also invited to a guild of old LotRO friends, so I hope to get my toon to 50 now and geared up so I could start running instances properly. I've only been to one instance so far (mostly I just overleveled them while questing), and it was fun to work in a group again - which reminds me that I'm constantly amazed at the level of maturity, politeness and friendliness on my server! Perhaps I've just been lucky, but pretty much everyone I've ran into or joined in a Public Group have been nice, helpful and, GASP, used proper punctuation and capitalisation! The make me feel like such a 1337 kiddie..

[me] yey thanks for the company :)
[random nice person] Likewise, safe travels.

Capital letters, baby. Capital letters.

Another thing I've enjoyed about Rift is the knowledge that with the monthly fee I get everything there is in the game. I think I'm pretty good at ignoring the tasteless Store advertisements in LotRO, but when playing another MMO the difference is pretty big — no tacky buttons, no annoying popups, no bypassing content by opening one's wallet. I'm happy to part with my money for another month's sub in Rift, and I'm even thinking of getting the Collector's Edition unlocked for my account for the lulz, because right now I'm having a good time and I want to see what's behind the next hill.

I'm also a bit lonely at times, so now that there's a Free Trial of seven days, you can join me in Rift for free!!1 And do note that this "free" doesn't come with the burden of fugly BUY NOW buttons...

↑ that link is my "refer a friend" link, so if you register from that page and decide to buy the game later (you can get it online for as little as 25€) we both can get some nice benefits in the game :)

Outfit #2: That Girl in Green

I guess I could call this my first 'signature' outfit, and probably one I've worn the most. I've still got all the original pieces, which I earned back in SoA times, stored in my vault. I like this outfit so much because it reminds me of places I've been to - the original Annúminas and Rift, my favourite places in the game.

.. that is also the reason I hardly ever make outfits from "mundane" items, because I want to show off that I've been there and done that! /vanity

Head: n/a
Back: Cloak of the West-Tower (Annúminas cloak), dyed green
Shoulders: Shoulders of Seven Stars (Annúminas light set), default dye
Chest: Robe of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed green
Hands: Gloves of the Lady's Wisdom (LM DN set), dyed green
Legs: n/a
Feet: Boots of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed green

Accessory: original Harvestmath steed (matches the character's name)

I'd love to make a real-life costume of this outfit, but it'd be pretty hard to make the robe NOT look like a bathrobe!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rift: derp

← my face today

Haha I fail so much. I had some troubles logging in to Rift (again!), so in my frustration I thought the mobile authenticator was borked (again!) and I uninstalled it from my Galaxy Tab.

Which anyone who, uh, actually ever read what it says on the authenticator wouldn't do, since it basically locks your account and you have to contact their customer service for help.

*twiddling thumbs*

Let's see how long this takes...

Outfit Madness

Did I miss a memo or where did the sudden LotRO outfit boom come from? Lately there's been a ton of interest in the cosmetic system on both forums and among bloggers. In addition to the classic forum threads (such as Wardrobe outfits, which even got mentioned on Twitter by @lotro_europe) there's at least three new blogs dedicated just to making and sharing outfit ideas:
(I don't know if it's a common feature, but it's a bit annoying though that some of those blogs only show excerpts of posts in my RSS reader, meaning if I wanted to see the actual outfits I'd have to click and visit the blog proper — that's of course good for getting more page hits and views, but it's annoying as hell if you're someone like me who hates passionately all extra clicking :D)

To go with the new fad I'll try and showcase some of my favourite outfits using the same format as those blogs. I've never been interested in keeping my outfits "secret" (or stats/gear, for that matter), since I can usually tell with one look what someone else is wearing anyway.

Outfit #1: Raiding Hunter

Head: Traveller's Hood (store item), dyed black
Back: Fine Quiver (festival recipe), dyed white
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (minstrel Moria set), dyed black
Chest: Jacket of the Lady's Secrecy (burglar DN set), dyed white
Hands: Gauntlet's of the Swift Arrow (lvl 60 crafted/purple Moria set), default dye
Legs: Leggings of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed black
Feet: Stone-Reader's Shoes (LM Moria set), dyed black

Accessory: Skeleton Painted Horse (2010 fall festival)

That's my most used outfit out of the way! More to come~

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bonsai Huorn

Rare housing item drop from the Tree bosses in Ost Dunhoth. So cuuuute!