Saturday, 14 May 2011

Outfit #2: That Girl in Green

I guess I could call this my first 'signature' outfit, and probably one I've worn the most. I've still got all the original pieces, which I earned back in SoA times, stored in my vault. I like this outfit so much because it reminds me of places I've been to - the original Annúminas and Rift, my favourite places in the game.

.. that is also the reason I hardly ever make outfits from "mundane" items, because I want to show off that I've been there and done that! /vanity

Head: n/a
Back: Cloak of the West-Tower (Annúminas cloak), dyed green
Shoulders: Shoulders of Seven Stars (Annúminas light set), default dye
Chest: Robe of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed green
Hands: Gloves of the Lady's Wisdom (LM DN set), dyed green
Legs: n/a
Feet: Boots of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed green

Accessory: original Harvestmath steed (matches the character's name)

I'd love to make a real-life costume of this outfit, but it'd be pretty hard to make the robe NOT look like a bathrobe!

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  1. Awesome outfit, very beautiful, nice colours and rare items from the old days! And bathrobes make great outfits!! (At least the garbage man thinks so when I'm late in the morning taking out my garbage...) :D