Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Quote of the... YEAR

Yes, LOTRO was only ever 'Tolkien flavoured' but of late, one suspects Turbine of using cheaper ingredients and more artificial additives. They've also made the packets smaller, if you see what I mean :)

~ Radhruin

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Return of the Fashion Magazine

I'm sorry about the long silence — cats, work, Christmas preparations and lack of sleep have kept me from updating. I got my faulty graphics card replaced yesterday, so now I can play LotRO in dx11! Which amounts to, uhh, one new water effect and some small shadow improvements. But at least the new card doesn't have idle temperatures at 100°C...

To break the long blog block, here are some new outfit creations. You know the new minstrel I posted about a couple weeks ago? She's doomed to be my eternal dressup doll.

Managed to complete my radiance robe collection - my wardrobe now has all Moria, DN and BG robes, yay. Not sure if I want to expand into the new Classic sets...

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Since the armour type restriction got removed in the latest patch, I rushed immediately to kit out my minstrel in epic heavy armour (and I know many others did the same). I love the D&D Cleric look, even if it's not exactly Middle-Earth and makes loretards rage.

Lhas in her tight pink leggings. Again an outfit I made for the lulz, because it's just fun to look at when I'm out questing.

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Not a cross-class wardrobe creation per se, but managed to take a nice screenie of my RK and a LM from Custodi wearing full red BG sets. Those LM shoulders are simply gorgeous!

Sunday, 12 December 2010


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These cute little brothers arrived in our home last Wednesday, they're 4-5 months old kittens from a local pet rescue group. The orange one is called Taika-Jim (Mandrake the Magician) and the grey one is Mustanaamio (The Phantom). They're very shy and tend to dart off from the smallest sound or movement, but since yesterday they've become much bolder and have let us pet them and even pick them up. When we're not looking they're busy tearing the house apart, though, so seems they're just wary of people. Nothing a good bribing-with-noms shouldn't cure :3.

Also, my PC's power supply unit broke conveniently the next day after the kitties came - so I haven't been able to play much and probably won't, either, until I get a new PSU. I hope all the graphics card troubles were caused by the faulty PSU too...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I don't get this

So basically CM removed all multi-month subscription options from LotRO. What it means is that people who had had some really good 3-month or 6-month sub plans, from various Founder or anniversary offers, got their subs cancelled and were forced to renew them into more expensive 1-month plans.

Meanwhile Turbine is, like, uh, EVERY OTHER MMO OUT THERE, still happily trying to sell me a cheap multi-month sub.

So please remind me, what does the EU distributor (CM) have to offer to EU players, especially new ones without established accounts and social circles, that Turbine doesn't provide better and for a lower price?