Thursday, 25 November 2010

Songs of Power(gaming)

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Guess what was the first thing I bought from the new LotRO Store? It wasn't an outfit, it wasn't a wardrobe unlock, it wasn't even a stat tome...

I bought a new character slot so I could roll a second minstrel.

As some of you may know, my first* character was an old man playing a banjo, and that was aaaaaaages ago. Like two years at least! Anyway, will all nine classes close to the level cap, the whole F2P update experience and the interesting possibilities offered by the new wardrobe system I thought it might be fun to roll a lowbie and dress it up in endgame gear and then see how much I can twink it in order to steamroll through lowbie content.

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So I did it. And now my level 20-something Minstrel is oneshotting on-level skirmish mobs. It's awsum fun!

Hey, it's just for the lulz. It's not like I'm ever going to level it past 50. Right?

* technically my first toon was a hunter on the US servers, second one a hunter here on Laurelin that I deleted soon after, and the minnie, which was my first main, was the third character I rolled. After that I rolled the LM, though, and because the first minnie lost the Undying title I rerolled him too - so the Wakey I have today is the fifth.


  1. Keep at it. Minstrel is awesome! :D

  2. 12 slots here and thinking of expanding further... of course my inactive f2p account was expanded to 9 slots so all the existing chars could breath freely.