Monday, 8 November 2010

Rattles behind the curtains

Tiny Easterling Hobbit says hi!

So, LotRO finally went F2P even here in Euroland, and the past week has been pretty exciting. I haven't been able to play as much as I otherwise would have (or would have liked to), since I started at a new job last week, my aching arms are killing me if I play more than half an hour, and seems my main PC is, once again, going all drama on me ("baaaaw my innards are at least 3 years old, let's turn the monitor signal on and off and have some overheating-induced flickering artifacts in your face"). If it turns out it's really the graphics card that's dying my conscience should finally allow me to buy a new, beefy dx11 card to replace it. Yay?

I'm also thinking of getting a cat. Or, actually, two.

And I mistyped that as "car" on the first try.



  1. Haha, I've been thinking of getting a cat too. Been wanting one for over three years, but didn't think it would be fair on the cat to force it to live in my student apartment. :P

  2. Cats really do lighten the days and make the world a better place :) but they require a little work too, especially kittens or re-homed cats with emotional baggage. (Lots of love, patience and quiet atmosphere.)

    They are perfect for keeping one away from games though and for getting a bit more social life. :)

    I regret not getting my cats at least a year before I did, though. I've had much less work with them than I feared i would and I haven't regretted it a moment. :)

  3. Kitteeeeh! <3 get one or two :) soo cute and cuddly and awesum. and nice armour on the hobbit :)

  4. I got two kitties, and I love them to bits. :D

    I love your Hobbit's Wandering Bard's Helm. I wants it!

  5. The boots on that hobbit are massive dude.

    Also, my kitteh is sleeping behind me.