Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Twiit tweet

So I made a twitter account for small game-related messages and for all the stupid stuff I'm too embarrassed to post here :D.

picture unrelated


  1. Oh noes...you're going to make me start using Twitter?? The horror! :P

    and ugh...so bored right now. :P I'm attempting to make SWKOTOR work on my PC..

  2. I lol'd. :D

    Found this place through your Twitter links. I apologize beforehand about all the Echo Bazaar spam in my Twitter, I ought to dust it off and actually start using it properly.

    Also, waaah, so many new drawings from you here. I wish you could be persuaded to post them somewhere where it would be easier to see them all (such as your website, or DA). :3 Even your sketches are gorgeous.

  3. Erun, I'm certainly doing nothing of the sort...!!!!!

    Yay Shina! Haha I've been embarrassingly lazy at drawing anything, so haven't really felt like updating any of my old internet haunts. New website coming at some point but now I've just been happy with this low-maintenance blog.

    I love your new website layout, added the feed to my reader so I'll keep a close eye on it!

  4. The male costumes you were thinking about in that game you know ;) that we talked about a while ago, did they look something like this: http://static.gamer.no/images/4/483/48300/c25a6c3cceacb115d80ad4932ddaf418_tera_2010-02-13_21-28-51-16_1920x1200.f.jpg


  5. Oh my eyes x_X. T-t-too much f-f-f-fanservice. We need something like that in LotRO and soon!