Saturday, 6 June 2009

Old harp?

I've got an on-off relationship with this old man. Over a year ago, when I started playing LotRO, I thought "hey I'll make this old grey guy who runs around the world, killing things with a banjo". I wasn't thinking "hey I'll make a healer because I want to help people/get into groups easily/get tells asking for rez plz", because that would have just been boring. Come on, the minstrel is a healer class that can kill things with a banjo!

He was my first proper 'main' (which didn't, of course, stop me from playing a horde of alts - more on that later), and playing the game a squishie (also known as the hard way) for the very first time really taught me a lot. Well, at least about dying. But once he hit the old level cap I just switched to leveling my alts, and when Moria launched last November I took my Lore-master to see the mines. Poor Wakey was left home to tend the garden.

Look at me, coming back to res a nearly-wiped raid!

Recently, however, I've started to bring him to Turtle raids because we always seem to lack a minstrel - and when not running with the kin it's easy to fit into a pug. And when I do raid as a minstrel I start to miss the class and especially the character. I love him and playing the class, but somehow I always tend to forget that when I go back to playing alts.

And yes, the character is called Wakefield, and no, I don't live there (or anywhere in the UK, for that matter), and no, it's not my last name either :D.

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