Monday, 8 June 2009

Them trees

I'm eternally allergic to purple magical forests. I've rolled a Night Elf in WoW a couple times (I've used at least 3 trial accounts, I think), but the starter area always makes me feel ill.

One of the things I fell in love with LotRO at first sight were the trees. After playing several MMOs where forests mostly look like sticks with a ball of green/yellow/purple cotton wool on the top, the trees in LotRO actually look very credible. Note that this comes from a former girl guide who has camped in Scandinavian coniferous forests, and thus feels completely at home in the snowy hills of virtual Ered Luin.

I also like the way distant landscape is rendered in LotRO - it looks okay even though it's not very detail-rich. Much better than AoC, where the world just ends after a certain distance.

Hm, I think I'll have to do a photo tour in Ered Luin soon, and try to capture the spots where I first got that "ooooooh" feeling back in 2007. Meanwhile, have some Lone-Land sunset.

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