Monday, 8 June 2009

Eye candy

A really stunning LotRO landscape'gasm, feels like a real game trailer :).

On another note, I finally remembered to enable anonymous commenting, meaning you don't have to have any fancy blogger accounts to leave a comment :). I also had to do a bit of rough editing to get the missing 'read more' tag (without it, the Helegrod post below would inflate my blog's main page with another 40+ images - a bit too heavy), but now it seems there's a 'read more' in EVERY post on this blog, even tho I have only cut one post. Gahh, in this aspect I really miss the cut function on LJ.

EDIT. Lulz. Got my first spam comment already. Let's see how this works out, if it even does.
EDIT2. Changed the 'read more' code. It's some Javascript thing now, not sure how many people actually have it blocked - if it doesn't work now, please come and complain. The advantage of the current code is that it only applies to the posts I want it to.

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