Monday, 29 June 2009

Social climbing

Lhasbelin got voted&promoted to officer duty last weekend. All these new buttons make a me a bit uneasy, being a clumsy person and all. At least I can go and rearrange the kinhouse now kekekekeke (I may have been partially responsible for this). It definitely needs more pink. And those dwarven statues out in the yard, they'll have to go.

Have you ever been to Far Chetwood? It's a gorgeous place, and completely devoid of any quests or players running about.

Another character of mine did some rising in the food chain; my "little" champion finally hit 60 on Sunday. Now she's got to do all those awfully tedious deed grinds. DO NOT WANT.

Feels funny having five characters at max level. Only two or three of them are decently kitted though. And of course I went and rolled a new Warden already, just in time for the Bree-land revamp of Book8 tomorrow.


  1. Damn, those are pretty screenshots. Especially the lake view.
    Almost makes me want to play.


  2. Grats on promotion, I'm confident it will be a vote well spent!

    Far Chetwood has the turtle and wood-troll quests. Still very low traffic and plenty of half-orc camps nearby with no quests attached to (should be changing in b8 or b9?).


  3. Hahah Miiz, grab the free trial and give it a try :).

    Thanks Laum! Oh right, I'd completely forgotten about the quests you get from the horse farm. As for quests to the half-orc camps.. I sure hope there won't be any, since I'm thinking of arranging some RP thing in those 'hoods and I want the place to stay as it is now :D.

  4. Grats Lhas! I'm very happy about you becoming an officer :)

    Love the lake picture!