Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Return of the Fashion Magazine

I'm sorry about the long silence — cats, work, Christmas preparations and lack of sleep have kept me from updating. I got my faulty graphics card replaced yesterday, so now I can play LotRO in dx11! Which amounts to, uhh, one new water effect and some small shadow improvements. But at least the new card doesn't have idle temperatures at 100°C...

To break the long blog block, here are some new outfit creations. You know the new minstrel I posted about a couple weeks ago? She's doomed to be my eternal dressup doll.

Managed to complete my radiance robe collection - my wardrobe now has all Moria, DN and BG robes, yay. Not sure if I want to expand into the new Classic sets...

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Since the armour type restriction got removed in the latest patch, I rushed immediately to kit out my minstrel in epic heavy armour (and I know many others did the same). I love the D&D Cleric look, even if it's not exactly Middle-Earth and makes loretards rage.

Lhas in her tight pink leggings. Again an outfit I made for the lulz, because it's just fun to look at when I'm out questing.

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Not a cross-class wardrobe creation per se, but managed to take a nice screenie of my RK and a LM from Custodi wearing full red BG sets. Those LM shoulders are simply gorgeous!

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