Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back to Rift

I was a bit pissed off at the start of the week because I hadn't got any response from the Rift customer service them to the ticket I sent on Saturday, until I got an email on Monday that my ticket had been closed because I hadn't replied in 48h... turns out there's a 3rd party customer service site where all the tickets are answered but I never got any email notification about it (and there was NO mention about the other site in the automated ticket response) so I couldn't have known. Meh. Oh well, I had to call their customer service in the US but luckily they could just remove the borked Mobile Authenticator from my account so everything's fine now. Yay!

I'm so going to need a beach holiday after these dark tunnels!

I continued working on my Mage, who is now 34 or so. I was also invited to a guild of old LotRO friends, so I hope to get my toon to 50 now and geared up so I could start running instances properly. I've only been to one instance so far (mostly I just overleveled them while questing), and it was fun to work in a group again - which reminds me that I'm constantly amazed at the level of maturity, politeness and friendliness on my server! Perhaps I've just been lucky, but pretty much everyone I've ran into or joined in a Public Group have been nice, helpful and, GASP, used proper punctuation and capitalisation! The make me feel like such a 1337 kiddie..

[me] yey thanks for the company :)
[random nice person] Likewise, safe travels.

Capital letters, baby. Capital letters.

Another thing I've enjoyed about Rift is the knowledge that with the monthly fee I get everything there is in the game. I think I'm pretty good at ignoring the tasteless Store advertisements in LotRO, but when playing another MMO the difference is pretty big — no tacky buttons, no annoying popups, no bypassing content by opening one's wallet. I'm happy to part with my money for another month's sub in Rift, and I'm even thinking of getting the Collector's Edition unlocked for my account for the lulz, because right now I'm having a good time and I want to see what's behind the next hill.

I'm also a bit lonely at times, so now that there's a Free Trial of seven days, you can join me in Rift for free!!1 And do note that this "free" doesn't come with the burden of fugly BUY NOW buttons...

↑ that link is my "refer a friend" link, so if you register from that page and decide to buy the game later (you can get it online for as little as 25€) we both can get some nice benefits in the game :)


  1. With more and more people playing this I'm getting tempted to try this again...just don't know. :/

  2. yay! good to know that you got to play rift again! :D and nice to hear that you joined the lotro people :) im consdiering lvling up a little toon on your server aswell, to try it out.

    And Loth, its worth it ;) And with this you get 7 days free, so you can propperly see what its about, compared to the 3 days you got earlyer.

  3. Do it Loth, at least it doesn't cost anything to try!

    I don't know if there's a level cap on the 7-day trial though, with the ally weekends you couldn't get past lv15 (and I ended up subscribing because I wanted to play just a little more).

  4. Hi Xhii, I found your blog through breg's Wanderings, and it looks really cool, nice pictures from Rift and Lotro. Are you interesed in exchanging links? let me know if you do.

    P.S: By the way to answer your question, yes the level cap for the 7 days trial for Rift is lvl 15 also, =/ but you get a good taste of it.

  5. Thank you for the comment, Catherine.

    Sure, I'm interested in exchanging links :)

  6. Mmmkay, well I finally got the download working. Had issues with it before. (btw, dunno if you get email notification about PMs at the EV forums...but that was me. I figured out my problem so deleted the pm asking you for help :P)

    I wish I would have done this earlier though. Lotro just shut down for the change, I'm feeling like some mmo goodness and this damned Rift download is going to take 7 hours. I suppose it's good I can play it tonight I guess. :P

    So we'll see if I like it more this time, though I'd rather not have to buy another game and pay a sub!

    You still on Argent PVE-RP?

  7. Ah okie, happy to see you in Rift! Yeah I'm still on Argent, chars are called Tiede, Taide and Ansa.