Saturday, 7 May 2011

Outfit Madness

Did I miss a memo or where did the sudden LotRO outfit boom come from? Lately there's been a ton of interest in the cosmetic system on both forums and among bloggers. In addition to the classic forum threads (such as Wardrobe outfits, which even got mentioned on Twitter by @lotro_europe) there's at least three new blogs dedicated just to making and sharing outfit ideas:
(I don't know if it's a common feature, but it's a bit annoying though that some of those blogs only show excerpts of posts in my RSS reader, meaning if I wanted to see the actual outfits I'd have to click and visit the blog proper — that's of course good for getting more page hits and views, but it's annoying as hell if you're someone like me who hates passionately all extra clicking :D)

To go with the new fad I'll try and showcase some of my favourite outfits using the same format as those blogs. I've never been interested in keeping my outfits "secret" (or stats/gear, for that matter), since I can usually tell with one look what someone else is wearing anyway.

Outfit #1: Raiding Hunter

Head: Traveller's Hood (store item), dyed black
Back: Fine Quiver (festival recipe), dyed white
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (minstrel Moria set), dyed black
Chest: Jacket of the Lady's Secrecy (burglar DN set), dyed white
Hands: Gauntlet's of the Swift Arrow (lvl 60 crafted/purple Moria set), default dye
Legs: Leggings of the Elder Days (LM Rift set), dyed black
Feet: Stone-Reader's Shoes (LM Moria set), dyed black

Accessory: Skeleton Painted Horse (2010 fall festival)

That's my most used outfit out of the way! More to come~


  1. Your outfits are the absolute top of the line, as always! With access to high level raiding gear, truly awesome combinations become available. I wish more players with access to that gear would put some effort in making an actual outfit out of it, in stead of just wearing the generic pieces together. Not sure what's up with the outfit blogging though, probably just a temporary fad.
    I love all your outfits!

  2. Oh thank you for the compliment! I wasn't sure if raiding gear outfits would even be that interesting to others, since the pieces wouldn't be that easy to get or replicate. Happy to know there's demand!

  3. Thanks for publishing link to my blog :) I've been following yours since last year and I absolutely love all your screenshots, the outfit ones as well as the actions ones. You truly have an eye for detail and great composition :)

    As for this outfit - great as usual :)

  4. Old RSS spec says some elements (like description which contained content) are limited to 100-500 characters with maximum of 15 enties per RSS-feed.

    Perhaps WordPress is using this old limitation (no longer valid for newer RSS versions).