Saturday, 14 March 2009

Always so grey in Annúminas


Went with 3 others to Annúminas yesterday (2xHNT, CPT, LM) and managed to steamroll through all the three instances. The purpose of the run was to get armour pieces and barter items for the nice-looking Annúminas armour, and in the end I did have 40 Battered Armours, but didn't actually buy anything with them. I've already got the awesome-looking West-Tower Cloak on two characters, one Seven Stars Cloak and several pieces of the actual armour set, and now I've got my eyes on the Light pants and robe for my hunter (the chick in the pictures), but of course I won neither of the needed barter items.

But yeah, Annúminas was my favourite place in the game before Moria, I know the instances by heart and it's still fun to do them at 60.

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