Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Teatime in a galaxy far, far away

Interfleet transport, in Star Wars - The Old Republic

The reason for my long, long radio silence is... that I've been busy blowing stuff up in a galaxy far, far away. I started playing Star Wars - The Old Republic during the Christmas holidays, and – much to my surprise – I'm still subscribed and having a fairly good time. I won't say the game is perfect, or even very good (at least not if you compare it to other modern MMOs - so much is still lacking or broken), but during the first free 30 days SWTOR just grew on me and I learned to live with its shortcomings and enjoy what it has to offer.

So far I've mostly played SWTOR as a single-player game, only doing a few flashpoints (=dungeons) here and there and never touched PVP until, uh, yesterday? Playing solo you don't really notice the game's glaring flaws that much, which mostly lie in the user interface and social tools - for instance, you can't move UI elements around, you can't disable "smart camera", there is no combat log or target-of-target and the AH is next to unusable. But the class stories are good and I can imagine myself rolling all 8 classes (eventually) just to see each class story through.

Here are my dear little playthings:

Imperial Agent, Star Wars - The Old Republic
Tua Teatime, Imperial Agent (Operative)
My very first character, currently stuck at level 42. Very fun to play though, and the class story is just pure gold. I need to get her to 50 some day so the guild will have a backup healer.

Sith Inquisitor, Star Wars - The Old Republic
Teadus Teatime, Sith Inquisitor (Assassin)
My current "main", a tanky and sneaky Sith lord and my only level 50 character. I really enjoyed the Sith Inquisitor storyline, it had some very surprising (and funny) twists. Also the Assassin advanced class feels really strong and I have no trouble soloing group dailies. I'd love to try raids and hardmode flashpoints with this character, but diving into a tanking role in PuGs feels a little too scary right now.

Smuggler, Star Wars - The Old Republic
Tuarn Teatime, Smuggler (Gunslinger)
My best effort at rolling a character on the Republic side - I just like the Imperial planets, classes and storylines more than Republic ones. This snarky Smuggler is the lovechild between my Agent and Inquisitor (he's got the same face and hair as his daddy... yeah, lame, but I like that face!). He's currently level 27 or 28, and I hope to level him up quickly now so I can join my friends on Rep side and try some raiding.

The server I play on is called The Progenitor (EN-PVE-RP), say hi if you're there! :)


  1. Great to see you're back! Went to SWTOR myself and ended up leading a raid guild. A pity that I'm not on your server.

  2. Hey hey Saelinen :). I'm Belegadan, remember me? the one who pulled the 24 LM raid on lotro a looooong time ago lol. I'm also playing Star Wars, and on that server, so anytime you might need a Jedi Sage Seer, just ring me a bell ;).
    I have the same nickname. Hope to see you around :)

  3. O hi Belegadan, yes I remember you and that epic LM raid! I'll have to add you to my friendslist :)