Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bye Rags

Rags was my short-lived (well, he made it to 42) hobbit Warden. He was fun to play (love the class!) but I just didn't quite "bond" with the character, so he had to go. Here's he the last time I saw him, enjoying his landlady's garden.


After Rags ran back to the Shire to woo some sweet hobbit lasses, a new boarder arrived to the house:


Incidentally, Breny the elf-lady is currently as 'old' as Rags was, 42 that is. She's travelling together with a suspicious-looking man called Reny:


Together they've proved to be a quite invincible, surviving many encounters that would have left entire fellowships bleeding (or maybe we're just way too good at the game, hah!).

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