Monday, 11 January 2010

Vilamona's Adventures and Screenie Secrets

A certain stolen sheep got only more confused when it ran into a pond.. and it never got out.

My tiny hobbit lass is starting to turn into one dreadful little questing and killing machine... specialising in Shire's plentiful delivery and retrieval quests. Be it a lost lamb, spoiled pie or late mail, Vilamona will deliver it faster than you can sneeze.

(Vilamona? Vilma? all my characters have pet names... but usually they're of the opposite sex, so I'll have to come up with something exotic here)

Midnight delivery!

I've also got some questions regarding my screenshots, how I take them and most often, what kind of system I have. To be honest, there's no big secret other than Very High Textures and Dx10 light - they're what makes LotRO look so good. On my desktop computer I'm running Ultra High settings at 1900x1200 resolution, so when I crop and resize from that to 600px width for this blog, they look very nice, crisp and detailed. I use IrfanView for all my quick image editing needs - for blog screenies I just crop, sharpen and resize - Ctrl+Y, Shift+S, Ctrl+R and then save away :).

Snapshot Henchman has some very good tips for screenshot-taking, and although they focus on Guild Wars, the advice applies to any game. Don't forget to check out the screenshot galleries there, they're really worth looking!

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