Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Break time

So I quit LotRO last week.. I think. It's come to a point where I log in just to fight the urge of deleting each toon, which I just can't do since a few are my precious RP playthings and every other is a valuable Supreme Master&Kindred crafter. I had the same feeling in 2008 when I quit GW (which I also had played passionately for many years) - there's just nothing in the game to do, and the things I'm still missing are either easy to grind in a couple days (which I could do any day, meaning I'll never do it), or locked behind such a massive endless luck-based grindfest* that I'm not even going to consider going through it.

* like, grinding SG half a dozen times each day for a chance at a Symbol, yay!

Maybe I'm just spread too thin - I have 8 characters at lv60+ (and I've done the lv35 horse quest maybe 10 times), because I like playing all possible roles. I guess my problem is that I just don't prefer one specific class over the others (and it's not that I "like" them all, it's gone to a point where I'm disliking one just a little less than the others), and the current game mechanics are very much trying to force you to focus on one. It's the whole awful and unrewarding LI system combined with Radiance gating that means that if I ever want to do anything interesting with my new characters I'd have to grind a massive amount just so they'd be able to join the ride. I'm sick of the Legendary Items and how the entire endgame** just revolves around them - I don't want to spend all my game time working towards a lottery that only gives me disappointment nine times out of ten.

** there is no endgame, there is only SG

I like leveling alts, but my character slots are full already, and advancing new toons would just eventually lead them to hit the same brick wall I'm stuck at with all my other characters. Like my bf said it: "why should I level up my alts, so that they too can run SG?". I'd kind of like to just delete all my scrubs and maybe save one or two so I could focus on them better, but it still wouldn't fix the fundamental sources of frustration in the game - the reduced quality of content (and complete lack of it) is so obvious and it doesn't show any signs of getting better. The devs just seem to apply band-aid upon band-aid instead of actually.. oh, I dunno, amputating the whole current endgame mechanics? :D

Hm, maybe I'll go play Aion again, it's so bad it should make LotRO seem like a shining gem. It's just weird that I'm so used to wasting hours in LotRO each day that I can't really come up with other things to do with my spare time.


  1. "Hm, maybe I'll go play Aion again, it's so bad it should make LotRO seem like a shining gem."
    I am also tempted to do that.
    Or to buy XBox/PS3 just to try out Bayonetta.
    Can't really be bothered to play LotRO much anymore. Unfortunately. When will GW2 be released to save me from my misery?!

  2. OMG BAYONETTA LOVE. That's been my plan also. But on the other hand I should be saving money now since I'll get kicked out from my current apartment in a few months and then I'll have to live under a bridge.. or something.

    Also, GW2 LOVE!

  3. I found a temporary solution,
    my boyfriend has Wii so I made him order Okami for me. Has great reviews, seems to be looking awesome and I am not too worried about "not too challenging" part in a leisure game. So Bayonetta will wait until I am done with this!
    But I will have her, my Precioussss.... xD