Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Deeds for deeds for deeds

In the wake of my Ring-forges farming, I happened to join a pug raid for old Helegrod. While the raid itself is long and tedious (too much trash) I thought I'd seize the chance to get a Thorog kill for my hunter, since I've only ever been to Hele on my LM and minnie, and because the kill also counts towards the Eriador meta-deed which I'm still working on.

I ran into Silirien of From Dusk 'till Dawn, and got a couple nice shots of us giving Thorog some tender punishment.


I must say that was probably the last time I'm ever going to Helegrod though, it's still a bit too tedious to be fun. The immense scale of the instance (and bosses inside it!) is still awe-inspiring, and I wish Turbine will make something similar in the future. We need more enormous, ungated and non-linear raids!

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  1. I wasn't 100% sure it was you, the name rang a bell and so did the perfectly selected outfit. As usual, I am impressed with your screenshots :D

    And I must say, I find it quite sad how easy this fight has become... while I also agree that Hele is a bit too long and tedious, I always loved Thorog fight itself for the challenge it offered. Of well :/