Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Legend of Beracula

Now with Halloween on the doorstep you should go read Beracula, a funny Dracula-LotRO crossover written by my friend Berandon. You should check out her other stories too on the Laurelin Archives, they're all worth reading!

I was browsing through my rss feeds and bookmarks when I realised most of the mmo blogs I read are written by women. Is that just a coincidence, or are girls/women more likely to write blogs? (or post pictures, as in the case of roll100)


  1. :) Thanks a lot for recommending my Dracula-parody! :) Finally got the screenshot illustrations linked to the story.

    Your screenshot poster should be up on the Spillpikene-blog on Friday. I'll send you the link.

    Your observation about the blogs is very interesting. It wouldn't surprise me that the majority of updated blogs are written by females.

    Maybe females enjoy blogging and "talking" about favorite subjects more than the guys do?

  2. I agree. I think we're maybe a bit more likely to talk about things we enjoy or swoon over pretty screenshots...gosh that sounds sexist though. :P

    I've read that Beracula story over on the archives with great amusement. Well done Berandon! :)

  3. I've been reading the story and looking at the screenshots. Very interesting I must say! Good work, Berandon!

  4. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Erunaneth and Malliel. :)