Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dwarven Facelift

The next update, which is due somewhere in November, was recently added to Turbine's test server Bullroarer. Since I still had that client installed I though I might as well go and have a look at it, and after hearing some praise for the revamped Dwarf Intro I decided to check it out.

The updated intro instance marks some interesting changes that I hope will be made to the entire game sooner or later. Almost all of the NPCs have been completely remodeled and they're no longer just standing around waiting for someone to click on them (actually you can't even interact with most of the NPCs in the new intro, they're just decorations). Now they've got individual faces, clothes and animations, and it was fun just running from NPC group to another just to see what they were doing.

This post is very image heavy and contains many spoilers! You have been warned!

While running headlessly in a mine my dwarf finds something sinister...

Well, dead dwarves must be an everyday thing, since he just runs off and... into a troll! Good thing Mr. Grey was there to save the day. I never found out what that shiny thing there on the ground was.

Afterwards he has to listen to the neverending sorrows of the Eldar. But hey, something looks familiar here!

Down some stairs and...

Ha! Another one!

Okay, what's with the decorations?

Mmkay, the creepy dwarves are up to something... sinister.

Oh well, off to gather some bat poo for their mysterious rites in a conveniently located dark cave.

Then we're off into town to investigate some small environmental catastrophy. The merchants and their lack of personal hygiene was my first suspect...

So was that motor oil or battery acid you had?

Gambling with runestones. Zap!

At least these fellows seemed a little more respectable than their other kinsmen.

But seems there's some shady industry going on near the rivers!

Hmmm, zombie bears.

More shady business.


Whoa, more creepy caves!

Okay it's time to put a stop to this mess!

The bad side of alternative medicine.

Well, as usual the bad guys ran away and then it's time for the heroes to leg it as well.. before the creepy cave collapses on our heads! Hmm, déjà vu.

This is the corridor I showed off a couple posts back, btw. No more gently glowing crystal pillars! Me sad.

I'd help you but, well, you know how my back is now and all, and I'm in a hurry...

Well, that was it. Actually I didn't get a screenie from the end of the instance, because there wasn't much to see really. But all in all it was a very enjoyable intro and I really hope they'll revamp all the other NPCs in the game as well.


  1. This is a STUPID post of the dwarves entry area! I'm severely disappointed!

  2. Oh man, must have ruined your day :).

  3. Love it!! Thank you for showing this to us :)

  4. Your a wonderful story teller. great job. thank you

  5. That was a STUPID post saying this was a stupid post of the Dwarves entry area. I'm severly dissepointed at such a stupid post saying someone else had made a stupid post.

    Ooops now I did it myself. :P