Monday, 7 February 2011

Fixing that distant shadows bug

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In DX10/DX11 mode, there's a big ugly shadow covering most of the distant landscape.

Since the F2P update and the additiong of DX11 support, there's been a very ugly graphics bug in LotRO when using DX10 or DX11. Turns out it's a problem with the "distant lighting" setting.

Here's the fix:
  1. Go to Options → Advanced Grahics and turn off DX10 Distant Landscape Lighting (use the search box at the top if you can't find it)
  2. "Refresh" the graphics by changing to some other Landscape Lighting Quality setting (ie. from high to low)
  3.  Change the quality setting back to what you had before, but leave the DX10 Distant Landscape Lighting checkbox unchecked

Here I was thinking that my landscape screenshots would be forever ruined, so I'm very happy about finding that fix!

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