Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tower of the Bracelet of the Tower

After running Durchest HM over and over again for a year, finally the elusive Bracelet of the Tower dropped. I went all in with BKP and got it. Now my hunter is complete!

With the new Legendary Item changes coming in the next book I'm going to swap out some stats and normal legacies on my weapons to lower my Agility in favour of more Will. I should already probably swap out Treasury Stone for the Phial, but it's just such a nice shiny item that I want to keep it. I'm fairly happy with my build right now, most of my equipment is very balanced so I have maxed Ranged Offence (ie. as high as you can get it solo), near-cap Ranged Crit, good ICPR and my morale and power stay over 6k/3k no matter what traits and gear I swap back and forth.

Now I'm ready for the new content, which will surely make all my previous efforts and shinies completely obsolete within hours!

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  1. ooo! grats on the shiny! :D wants! :P nice looking stats there :)