Thursday, 30 July 2009

Galadriel's problems

I really like the design of Lady Galadriel in LotRO, but her model irks me so much!

This is something that struck my eye the very first time I met Galadriel at the end of Book 6: SHE HAS NO HIPS. Sure there's a nice amount of T, but where's the A? Especially the left side just looks.. wrong. And what's with the huge pointy jaw?

I think she was described as tall, but she doesn't look nearly as imposing as my hunter. I don't know really, but I sort of expected Galadriel to be tall and slender and elegant, and not standing in that stupid 'hey I'm about to relieve myself' pose that all the NPCs in the game have (even when walking!!). Can't they make even just one or two other default poses for NPCs so they wouldn't all look like, uh, they're just waiting there for the player to click on them?

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  1. lol i hate this version of galadriel...the musical even more :(