Friday, 31 July 2009

Lhassie WIP

Bluuuurgh first time in a year or more that I'm actually drawing(/painting) something. So rusty! Thought I'd start with something easy, like a superboring portrait :p. Let's see if I ever have the time and energy to finish this.

On another note, Laurelin Archives, a RP portal for Laurelin, opened yesterday. I've played 1½ years on a RP server and haven't really done any RP at all there, but I felt curious so I registered to see what the site is like (I love the idea of Argent Archives, the similar WoW RP collective, and have long wished Laurelin would get something similar). My issue with RP in LotRO, and Middle-Earth in general, is that character options are so limited and you can't really be that original when coming up with a backstory for your character.

Besides I'm rather picky about quality - in my version of ME elves don't spend nights getting drunk in the Prancing Pony and not every Man is a direct descendant of the DĂșnedain or a mad serial killer. All those Gil-Galad's heralds, Elrond's apprentices and Aragorn's illegitimate daughters just make me die a little inside. How hard is it to make a character with no relation to existing canon characters?

I'm sort of interested in elf-RP, but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off that well, and frankly I've no idea what people even do when RPing elves. Compose bad poetry about stars and moonlight? Angst? The thing is, I'm severely allergic to purple prose writing, which seems to be rather prevalent among elf role-players. I'm not a native English speaker (durr hurr), but I just hate cheesy verbose character backgrounds (why do so many players try to come up with the most ridiculous and pompous descriptions for their character's looks?!) and how some role-players feel the need to write a 200-word paragraph about their intimate feelings while picking up a fallen coin.


And now off to the countryside for four days of relaxation-->

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