Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fashion Mag #2

Fashion Mag is back! While waiting for Siege of Mirkwood and the imminent new armour sets, there's still some eye candy to be found in the old ones too.

My eyes, they BURN. One of the better attempts to create feminine dwarves :).

It's a shame really that there's no option to create a female dwarf in LotRO - then again it might be a blessing, too. While I do admire the look of dwarf women in 4th Edition D&D, lolikon dwarf girls of Lineage II have left me eternally scarred.


Meanwhile, I'm building a new armour/outfit set for my main, only missing the shoulders now. I've just had awful luck with bids, and also getting into that raid with that particular character. I just love the look, although every other Lore-Master in the kin already has that armour set and everyone's colour-coded so I don't have that many dyes to choose from anymore either :D.

Same armour set on male and female elf - notice the difference?

I see what you did there, Turbine! Trying to make female characters less clothed than males! How indecent, showing her bare wrists like that!

All the women have such girly faces :D.

I just wish they'd give more options when creating characters, especially all the faces look too much the same. And why is there no height slider!!?? I certainly consider both height and girth important parts of a character's looks, but in LoTRO the only difference is between races.

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  1. Cool blog, I love your lotro screenshots. Very nice!