Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Joy of being a gamer in Euroland that publishers will rip you off as much as they can. After over two weeks of "we'll have the info next week", that is, waiting for the European pricing of the upcoming LotRO mini-expansion, Codies dropped the bomb an hour ago. Not only are they NOT bringing us the sweet life-time and multi-month subscription deals that Turbine offers their customers on the other side of the pond, they've managed to make an even more confusing list of Special Packs, Triple Packs, Adventurer's Packs and whatnot.

Also, according to their calculations, 20 pounds equals 28 euros ( says it's just a bit more than 21).

Graph made by Berryl of TSM.

In my wildest doom&gloom imaginations I had thought they'd take the original 20$ price on the new expansion and somehow convert it to 30€ for us poor oldworlders... so in a sense I wasn't too far off in my speculations. They did indeed manage to get us pay twice as much as we would have in the US (or I at least, in my current subscription situation).

I'm kind of suspecting that the reason (or maybe one of them, other than good old Greed) Codemasters aren't bringing us the multi-month or life-time-based pre-order offers is that, somehow, their accounts tech doesn't allow it. I mean, Turbine are eagerly promoting their social network and how it ties with the new expansion, but us here in Euroland can't have it because CM don't have the tech for it. I really really wouldn't be surprised if their accounts system doesn't allow them to make special deals for certain types of subscriptions.

I always love having to pay more so I can have less stuff <3.

Also, I made a new tag for this level of BEING VERY MUCH PISSED OFF.

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