Sunday, 4 October 2009

Was fun while it lasted

Naming guidelines on RP servers, who uses those?

Before the latest patch, it was actually possible to keep a kinship (=guild) all by yourself and level it up for possible kinhouse benefits. For some reason the "disband in 24 hours if not enough members" mechanic was broken for a long time, so me and my bf used to amuse ourselves by creating silly "subtitles" for each of characters.

However, the latest patch (a good month ago or so) seemed to "fix" the kinship disbanding, although it's still possible to buy a set of kinship charters and then make yourself a silly subtitle for 24 hours, or whatever the time limit is these days.

My little burglar-in-training is skilled with keys.

Besides, it's still possible to run a legit kinship without outside help - grab a trial account or two, roll half a dozen dummy characters, login your own account and run another instance of the game for your trial account, invite the dummy characters to your solo kinship and you can safely start leveling up your kinship for a personal kinhouse... which only takes 3 months or so.

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