Friday, 4 June 2010

Under the stars and moon


Before I noticed, I had turned into a full-time roleplayer. There have been some brilliant events this week, and next Sunday there's also going to be a big concert. Ooooooo.

Let's just hope I won't start writing purple prose character stories and adding lens flares and glitter effects to my screenies.


  1. If you start adding lense flare I shall have to roll a character on Laurelin, just so I can find you and slap you :)

  2. For that I'll just have to add some lens flares! No wait--

  3. Sooo...does this mean you're still playing? :D I enjoy reading your blog and your posts about RP are really interesting. I am not on an RP server, I've usually only seen bad examples of RPers and so have always been wary, but your posts make me interested in seeing it done properly! These public RP events (like in your latest post about the concert) seem like an awesome way to bring people together and celebrate the playerbase and creativity.

  4. I only log in to RP, not playing the game itself. Okay, it's a lame excuse to continue playing that 3D chat while having 'quit' :D.

    (I totally know what you mean about bad RP examples! I've run into some pretty hilarious, and some rage-inducing, examples on Laurelin also)

    It's been a very nice change, though, since before I raided at least twice a week, farmed and ran instances all the time, and then ended up missing some unique events and feeling utterly burnt-out by the game.

    I was hoping we'd get a proper update sometime in June/July and I'd get back in the game by then, but now that we know there won't be any new content in the next gazillion months I just feel doubly disappointed since a summer update would have been a good excuse to come back :D.