Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Close your eyes, it's..

Purple prose time!

From Bad Roleplayers Suck:
The frosty breeze cooed hither from the coast, the seasonal leaflets whirling downward like papery snow settled, the crepuscular beams split down through the web of branches as a silvery blade and splashed alike holy water upon the sward, and Anel passed by, the phantom of the woods unseen and unheard. Of quiescence, Anel’s presence was utterly unknowable but the utterings of the breeze thereabout was ubiquitous. Sibilating, the susurrus from his shifting lips echoed amidst the oaks and conifers. Anel’s tune desisted; he sat.

(click on the link to read the whole thing - at your own risk, though!)

Whenever some elements in the Laurelin RP comm make me facepalm so hard I can't find my nose anymore, I'm still happy this level of thesaurus-molesting purple prose hasn't found a foothold there - yet.

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