Sunday, 11 July 2010

Cold Halls of Stone


Just cruisin'.


  1. What level is she now?

  2. 55 now, advancing steadily, or at least as long as I have a few bars of blue EXP left.

  3. What kind of stats is she at? My Warden just hit 51, wanting to know what I should aim for :)

  4. Can't say about exact stats, but I had around 4k morale at that level. Virtues around 3-7 (need to finish some SoA valour and discipline deeds...) and all class deeds finished apart from the masteries - I think that one is the biggest thing to aim for. That said I have twinked my warden quite a lot, crafting her the newest armour (medium sets at 51, 54, 56), shields and jewellery, so it's not like she's running around in quest rewards.

    I did one huge mistake at lv45 though, deconned the very first Legendary Spear I got, and then had to wait until 51 to get a replacement. So much wasted ixp!

  5. Ouch at the spear decon :p Kinda funny though! I got junk on both my legendary rewards at 45 unfortunately, lol.

    51 is my highest char so i'm on quest stuff :D Be interested to see a screenie of her stats sometime.