Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fan Service: Annúminas Armour

I'm grabbing some of roll100's keywords and trying to answer them as well as I can, hence the title "fan service". One of the most used keywords people have used to find this blog is "annuminas armour", which is kind of odd since I haven't really talked about it, except perhaps than mention that it's rather pretty, so I thought I might as well post some juicy screenshots of it for your viewing pleasure.

Why the sudden interest in such an old instance? Well, once LotRO goes free-to-play, all these old instances will be scalable, so they should see some more traffic in the future. The devs have also stated that these old sets can be acquired as cosmetic items, so their looks will definitely be popular again - there's also the new Wardrobe function, which should offer all kinds of interesting possibilities if it'll allow sharing cosmetic looks between characters on the same account...

There are three different sets total, one for light, one for medium and one for heavy armour users. Each set has seven pieces and a 6-piece set bonus, and they can be acquired by bartering Battered Annúminas Armours and Armour Fragments which can be looted from most mobs around Annúminas. Some pieces, notably the chest, leggings, shoulders and headgear (shield for the heavy set) need a specific trophy that can only be found inside one of the three instances inside the sunken city.

Seven Stars set
Click for full-size!
This is the light armour, called the Seven Stars set. I'm using WHITE dye here to show each dyeable area - click on the image for a high-res version. The headgear has the same skin as a Dwarf-Make circlet.
PROTIP: the shoulderpads go really well with almost every other armour.

Nenuial set
Click for full-size!
Medium armour, called the Nenuial set. Again, the WHITE areas are dyeable, but the bright green is pretty dominant whatever you do.
PROTIP: the boots are awesome.

West-tower set
Click for full-size!
Heavy armour, called the West-tower set. This set doesn't have a headgear, instead it's got a heavy shield.
PROTIP: the cloak, Cloak of The West-tower, dyes really well and looks good on any character. You don't need to be a heavy armour user to wear the cloak.

I went and took similar high-res screenies of all the other "classic" armour sets as well, expect to see them in future updates!

(btw I always feel dirty when I'm accessing Google Analytics by typing "anal" into my address bar... now let's see how that sentence will affect this blog's keywords :D!)


  1. I really do love all the Annuminas cloaks except for the hood part. I hate the way it makes females' head look. :/ I'm not sure why they couldn't have all the hoods like the Galadhrim/Cloak of the Golden Oak hoods.

    The heavy armour set is one of the best in the game I think. I made sure to get that for my captain as it was the best for a human female...which are the hardest to dress imho. :P

  2. I'm hoping they'll give us plain (hoodless) versions of the Annúminas cloaks in the future, the same way old Rift had the Defender's Cloak and the Cloak of Ancient Ruins.

    Hehe I kind of agree on the heavy set, although -when compared to the light and medium ones- it looks strangely mismatched and I'm not quite sure if I actually like it or not. I do know a woman captain who wore it at some point and it did look really good.

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  4. *grumbles about not being able to edit comments*

    Ah, I forgot to mention I didn't bother with the shoulders and especially not those horrid gloves! I suppose I should say it's one of the best *heavy armour* sets in the game ...especially for human females. I mean, my captain is supposed to be from Rohan, so dressing all elfy doesn't quite make sense.

    And I'd so be all over a hoodless Cloak of the West-Tower!

  5. The West Tower set is purple in color.