Sunday, 25 July 2010

Classic Armours: Rift, part 3 of 3

And lastly, here are the heavy armour sets from the Rift. I've used RED dye to show each dyeable area. Here it's pretty obvious that they re-used most of the armour models, but managed to create enough difference with shoulder and helmet designs. I really wish they'd continue making more of these extravagant shoulderpads (without going all WoW, haha).

Gloom-bane set
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Champion set, which is probably one of the coolest-looking armours in the entire game. Red is also the original dye on the armour, and I didn't have the heart to swap to any other colour because it just doesn't look the same.

North Star set
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Captain set, which, like the burglar set, looks rather odd on an elf (it's not possible to roll elf captains nor burglars, so this look isn't possible to achieve ingame... yet). It's still one of the best-looking armours for captains, and looks especially gorgeous in all-white.

Rift Defender's set
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Guardian set, which looks quite a lot like the champ set when dyed red (it's blue originally). The shoulders look HUUUGE on other races, especially on those stocky dwarves.

Allright, so that was all the classic armour sets from the Rift. Next up will be classic Helegrod, and after that... you tell me! What would you like me to showcase next, in glorious high-quality screenshots?


  1. Heh, that champ set has a bit of a leather, dominatrix look to it! :D

    As for more armour sets..Anmgar maybe? And of course the DN sets.

  2. My fave Rift set was always the Hunter armour, I liked my Champ set, but was always a bit jealous of the cool hunter helm