Friday, 23 July 2010

Classic Armours: Rift, part 1 of 3

Here are the three light armour sets obtained from the Rift, which used to be "the" endgame for years and is still considered by most to be the best raid in Lord of the Rings Online. Luckily the next updates should see the Rift, as well as other "classic" instances, become scalable up to the current max level. Since we don't know yet how they'll change the loot and other rewards in the scalable instances, it might be a good idea to go grab parts of these armour sets now that they're still fairly easy to get, as both Rift and Helegrod can be easily run with a fellowship (6 people) or even less. Grab some friends (preferably champions :D) and have fun!

Wandering Bard's set
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Minstrel set, RED areas are dyeable.

Elder Days set
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Lore-master set, again RED areas are dyeable.

NB! There's a strange 'feature' in most Rift headgears; for some reason they appear black when viewed straight from the front or the back. For a better look, check out the cosmetic versions from any skirmish vendor.

Graven Word set
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Rune-keeper set, used GREEN here for dyeable areas since the original colour of the robe and accessories is a reddish brown.

For stats and more information on each armour set, see Darzil's Armour Guide.

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