Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Night Raid

The Night Raid was a brilliant RP event held tonight, where several groups if Free Peoples stormed a large camp of evil Dunlanders. This time, however, they weren't just NPCs, and they fought back hard.

Sander Woodhead, my evil Dunlander for the night, watched the western bridge for signs of trouble.

Out of the rainy mists a group of heroes stormed through and pushed into the camp.

They cut down everyone in the camp, and outnumbered, the evil leaders were forced up the hill.

A small but desperate skirmish was fought on a platform overlooking the hilltop.

Beaten, the Dunlanders are mercilessly questioned.

The minions tell nothing.

The leader and her cronies are escorted out of the fortress.

When reaching the bridge, the leader makes a desperate jump into the river.

However, she and her minion are caught and escorted back to the main force.

Night sets.

They make a stop at an elven ruin, and start nursing wounds and questioning the prisoners.

The leader is gravely injured, and it's not certain she'll live to tell anything.

One of her remaining minions is also badly wounded, and collapses quietly. The elves strip him of his armour, revealing many old wounds and scars.

The elves are eager to get answers, but it will take time to get anything out of the prisoners.. and time is running short.

*cheers at everyone who took part*


  1. I've been reading about these...and been tempted to start coming...but I've never RPed so worry about being absolute rubbish. And I was also out last night. :/ This was looks like it was pretty awesome.

  2. You should come Erun. :) I've definitely decided to roleplay more. The grind just doesn't seem that enticing any more. I've only just started to get to know most of these guys. I started with the Elven Rivendell meeting last Wednesday with Eadhras and that led me to this event with Eiadric.

    I'm not very good at roleplaying but you get into it. And sometimes it can be fun even if you're not in the the spotlight the whole time. Kick back and watch the good roleplayers do their thing then just jump in every now and then.

    And to completely honest a lot of the other roleplayers aren't really brilliant either so you soon start feeling good about yourself, hehe.

  3. Heh, and here I've been so admiring your roleplaying in the recent events, Eiadric, you did a wonderful job bossing Sandy around yesterday and I really liked your Eadhras last week too :).

    I think of RP as the only "new content" there is at the moment and the only thing in the game I haven't yet exhausted.. and since there won't be that much new stuff for several months more, it's really a nice change from the general tedium of the current endgame.

    Erunaneth, you should come to the Hall of Fire evenings on Wednesdays (like, tonight, hint hint nudge nudge), they've been a good place to get to know people and lately they've also held more action than your typical "tavern rp", since they actually lead to these awsum Eregion events - and I feel there's more to come!

  4. I've already committed to something tonight, but I shall keep an eye for for the next event and try to make it next Wednesday. Now that I know some friendly faces will be there, perhaps it won't be quite so scary! :D

  5. Great stuff! I've always wanted to dabble in RP in LOTRO, seems so very rich with potential everywhere you turn. Hmmm, may have to roll a character on Laurelin, and get me RP on!

  6. Thank you Lhas! Your words are very encouraging :D