Monday, 9 August 2010

Classic Armours: Helegrod, Part 2 of 3

Sorry for the delayed updates! I've been swamped by illustration work and stuff. I'm moving in with my bf soon so it's going to be a load of work packing all my stuff, cleaning his place and mine and trying not to lose our sanity in the process. Anyway, to continue the classic Helegrod thread, here are the medium armours:

Armour of the Aurochs
Click for full size!
Hunter set, which has the best set bonus in hunter history and will probably become popular again after the instance update.

Shadow-stalker set
Click for full size!
Burglar set, lovely shirt and miniskirt! I'm SO going to share this set across all my toons using the Wardrobe.

Spear-shaker's set
Click for full size!
Warden set, which is a lot more muted than the other garish Helegrod sets, but very stylish nonetheless. I think I want it...


  1. Grats on the RL advancements. I still want to be invited for the big Ding when it arrives!

  2. *scratches head and wonders what the big Ding might be in this context*

  3. Grats!!

    Ahh... L'amour. And I remember when this relationship was just budding. Two young lovers sneaking into instances to make out :P