Sunday, 22 August 2010

Delving Deeper

One part I hadn't yet explored in LotRO was the Delving of Frór, the labyrinthine dungeon inside Ettenmoors that houses several raid-worthy bosses as well as the chance to run into hostile players while farming for valuable spirit-stones.

Started with the Rogmul fight, which took a few tries to get him down. It got especially exciting since we were expecting creeps to sneak up and gank us anytime.

Tree boss. We ran into creep players here, they were waiting for us on the other side of the boss and his adds, so we had a burglar HIPS-pull the boss while the whole group rushed over to spank the poor creeps.

Finished with the drake boss. Nom nom, delicious tank!


  1. Nice to take a look at these as that's an area I've never been to.

  2. Definitely worth having a look! It was the first time for me too (I'd been to DoF a couple times as a creep to farm some stones, but that was all), I think we had maybe 12 people in the raid and it was definitely fun (and, well, easy) to take on the 600k bosses.