Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Classic Armours: Helegrod, Part 3 of 3

Aaaaand here's the last part of the Helegrod armour feature. I've also added all my previous armour posts on a separate armour page so they're easier to find.

Dragon-scale set
Click for full size!
Champion set, which has a really cool-looking breastplate and looks gorgeous in all-red. All these heavy armours look rather silly on my skinny elf chick though..

War-captain's set
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Captain set, which has such a tall helmet that it didn't fit entirely in my dressing room window. As with most heavy armours, this one looks much more impressive on Men.

High Protector's set
Click for full size!
Guardian set, which has a distinct dwarven look and looks better on dwarves, of course.

Next up is Ettenmoors armour, after that it'll be a trickier task to get screenshots of each endgame set, since most barterers in Moria, Lórien and Mirkwood are class-specific so I can't just waltz around with my main and check out each set in one go. Luckily I've now got all classes at 60+ so I can actually go and try on every set, it'll just take much longer and the screens won't look as uniform because of race/gender/location differences.

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