Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Guild Wars, my old love!

I was browsing through some image files on my old hard drive and stumbled upon my old Guild Wars screendump! I used to be a such a community who--spammer in GW that my screenshot folders must have held several gigabytes worth of pictures, especially since I took part in several screenshot contests and used to make character portraits for ingame profit. I found these old shots I had taken for a funny community-run contest called "Tyria's Next Top Model", which had these weekly fashion-related assignments and really pushed people to take some extraordinary screens in the game.

Damn that game still looks gorgeous. Out of curiosity I went and logged in, but alas, my oldest (existing) character still needs 2 more months until her fifth birthday and, hopefully, some really cool birthday present!


  1. Lovely screenshots! I'd kinda like to try GW right now but figure it's best to wait for GW2.

  2. I'm playing Guild Wars again recently.
    It started so innocently, I thought I'll go for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon since the title is 95% afk (and overgrown energy bill), but I ended up grouping with some friends, and even doing Heroes Ascent for the first time ever (and I am almost rank 6 already, too!).

    Erunaneth, GW1 campaigns are so cheap now that you might as well give it a go. It's an extremely fun game, and so beautiful too!

  3. Oh dear. You just game me the idea of farming LDoA while working (currently farming scholar nodes on the side in LotRO...).

    I don't think I ever did HA, all my buddies were just into PvE (and the occasional AB).

    And Erun, Cherrie is right that they're not a bad investment at all, especially the later campaigns are very good (imho the first one, Prophecies, hasn't survived time that well and isn't nearly as pretty or smooth/fun to play as Factions or Nightfall).

  4. The smoothest place in Prophecies is... Pre!
    And the most beautiful, too.
    It never stops to amaze me how much of a eye-bait it is... After the searing, 95% of Tyria consists of deserts... seared Ascalon desert, snow desert of shiverpeaks, crystal desert of Elona, burning desert of the Ring of Fire... Yoo don't really get much of the huge areas of the jungle when playing the storyline.

    But it's like that with all three campaigns I think, starting areas are the most breathtaking (Shing Jea is just... OMG).

    Still, all 3 campaigns in electronic version cost 45EUR from the NCSoft store, but just 30EUR boxed ordered from a store (like bol.com, if you live in Europe).
    The game is not very demanding really, unless you want it to be and you start chasing titles and fluff.