Sunday, 15 August 2010

Good night!

With all the stuff going on irl (just finished moving, yay!) I've only been able to log in for short amounts of time. However on one of my trips* between the AH and crafting hall in Lórien I stumbled upon a very nice sight - there's a short moment between the "pale golden afternoon light" and "obscenely turquoise night light" when Lórien looks really pretty and almost how I imagined it in my mind when I first read fellowship of the Ring.

* to craft and then post on AH some insanely overpriced hunter consumables

I think I could still sleep for a week more. Good night!


  1. Oh yes, it is definitely my favorite place in Turbine's Middle Earth. :)

  2. Right as the lights turn on in Caras is my absolute favourite spot and time in the game. It's simply gorgeous. Dawn is quite nice as well.