Thursday, 26 August 2010

Now I get it

-- why certain people hate the LT fight so passionately. As a hunter I'm actually pretty damn good in there, all things considered (honestly, it's just one massive ego trip for hunters), but now that I've seen it as LM I can only say.. can we please forget that place even exists and never ever go there again? Please? And maybe nuke it from orbit too?


  1. I just hate the whole place.
    First, as soon as we leave Durchest room, I get sleepy as hell and nothing helps. Maybe due to boredom?
    Mobs are annoying there and the "sometimes this warg will pull 3 more sorcs and than you wipe and have to wait 10 mins for puddles to dissapear, sometimes not" part pisses me off.
    Lights that stun/mez/fear everyone just to annoy the hell out of you piss me off.
    Having to run all the way up the tower on every wipe on Lieutenant pisses me off.
    I am suspecting this raid to be one of the main reasons I stopped playing LotRO and might not come back.

  2. I'm with you there. Actually I kind of like the first bosses (and their trash runs, even) but the final run up and the LT himself is like... HHNNNNGHHHH. I'm looking forward to doing it on my hunter in HM (radiance requirements aside, it should be almost easier in HM than EM) but we're not quite there yet so meh.

    I'm just happy that in a couple weeks we should have some new challenges (in old content, though) to mash our heads against. And a few weeks after that I'm off to FFXIV.

  3. I like it up to Durchest, Durchest included.
    After that I am asking myself: Why the hell did I sign myself up for this again?!

    Waiting for GW2 here!
    Long wait =(

  4. Try to get res on a mini before ya wipe at LT, that way ya dont have to run back up again ; )