Monday, 13 September 2010

FFXIV: Plans for the future

I managed to get into the Open Beta of Final Fantasy XIV, and I also succeeded in getting the client to work after a long struggle. I was feeling a bit worried at first, since the game was far from stable on my system and the controls felt really awkward, but after a while I found a good settings combo and got a hexbox controller working and so the game experience changed completely. All in all it doesn't seem like a bad game, just very very different from the current generation of PC MMOs (and XIV isn't really a PC game at all).

The head start should start next week, on 22nd of September. I've decided to roll on the Besaid server, which was named the unofficial RP server by the FFXIV Role-Play Coalition. If anyone else is joining at launch drop me a line and join me on Besaid!


  1. I've just ordered a new PC and I'm really looking forward to trying FFXIV when it's released. I played FFXI for three years and I loved the world and its story - but the play style and player attitude was a bit depressing (grind, grind, grind and bitch about gear). I'm hoping the changes SE has made to encourage a more casual (and hopefully less elitist) playstyle will make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


  2. I also have the headstart edition of FFXIV ordered, although the open beta was a bit of a dissapointment. It seemed kinda *we'll dump you in a big city and let you have at it* rather than *go do this and here's how for the first few levels*. With that said iirc FFXI was the same way and I figured that out eventually :p I'll be on Besaid anyway, playing as a Lancer to start ) Did you figure out what city you'll ally yourself with?


  3. Xealias, I agree, especially without any kind of manual to read it was a rough start in the game, although I did notice pretty soon that if you talk to any of the NPCs around the first areas they have tons of info on all kinds of game mechanics.

    I still haven't decided which city I'd like to start in, the tree-hugger in me loves Gridania but it's a pain to get around in. Perhaps I'll start in Ul'dah, the music there is so lovely!

  4. There is apparently a help guide inside the main menu as well. I just thought it was kinda mean to dump players into such a strange UI and not show them how to do stuff :p

    They did a good job with a lot of the TP abilities, especially in the graphics department. Found a really nice one on youtube: