Sunday, 26 September 2010


One member in our Dungeons&Dragons party had* an elven sorceress best described as "something from a Korean mmo".

* said character died right at the beginning of a boss battle; got burnt by a well-placed fireball and subsequently smashed by a big bad orc


  1. Damn, those elf sorceresses conjure their magic from those tight dresses they tend to wear.
    How long have you played D&D, and which edition?

  2. A couple years, from ADD to 3.0, Pathfinder and 4E - I've only played a few sessions of each tho, the groups I've been in were/are very irregular.

    And hey, elves are just fetish fuel, whatever setting they're in.

  3. I see, i've been hacking 3e and 3.X (one step below pathfinder i guess) for almost 10 years for now, never stopping, never surrendering for the 4e!
    You could check my campaign blog (AD!)

    Hah, fetish fuel, or plain gay.

  4. Hah, fetish fuel, or plain gay.

    T-there's a difference?

    Followed the campaign blog, looks cool! :D

  5. Hot underdressed elf chicks cannot be gay, from the male point of view.
    Thanks! I have put some effort on the outsides of that blog, and as gaming sessions pile up, maybe it gets some stuffing for the insides too.