Tuesday, 7 September 2010

LotRO Store shopping list!

With just a few days left before the big launch of Lord of the Rings Online going "free-to-play" it's time to prepare ourselves again for new features! And in my case that obviously means clearing my bags, sorting my vaults, crafting a truckload of dyes and counting my reputation points in anticipation of the big day when the LotRO store opens. Who cares about pots and stat tomes and whatnot when there's a ton of new cosmetic items to be had?!

The lawgiver's robe, raven cloak and raven mask will definitely become "the new black" (or rather "the new ranger mask"). Not that I'd mind, this time, since they do look pretty cool, unlike the ranger mask :D.

I'm fairly certain the elf-queen's dress and swan-cloak will become the new fad in the elven rp circles. I think I'll roll a dwarf and dress him/her/it up in these.

I hope you don't mind the ugly background colour, I couldn't be bothered to run yet another beta toon through the starter instance so I just took the screenies there. Anyway, here's the rest of the new store-only cosmetic items:

Innkeeper's Dress, Elf-queen's Dress and Elegant Formal Dress

Hauberk of the Eagle's Crest, Greenwood, Mirrormere and Sellsword's Hauberk.

Rugged Adventurer's Robe, Lawgiver's Robe, Hauberk of Rhun and Cloak of the Sunset Wood

Cloaks of the Boar, Algraig, Dragonfly, Swan and Northern Lights

Inn-League Survival Pack, Cook's Pack, Sage's Pack, Sea-turtle Pack and Elk-hunter's Pack

Battle-mask of Rhun, Raven Festival Mask, Circlet of Adamant and Feathered Felt Hat

It seems the "loyalty rewards" (bonus store points for having subscribed for years) won't be given out at launch, so I'll just have to hope I can get enough points from completed reputation deeds so that I can buy at least something nice on launch day. I think I'll start by maximising my vault and wardrobe spaces and then buy some cosmetics depending how many points I have left. I think my first days after the launch will be spent creating new outfits using the wardrobe, so I'm not in a hurry...


  1. "maximising my vault and wardrobe spaces" even with only one character and 4500TP you will struggle to do that with much change, anything less than the max TP or more than 2 toons and it's flat out impossible.

    Be interested to hear what you did in the end

  2. Yikes! Tbh I hadn't checked the math, although I should be getting a ton (or literally, several tons) of TPs from loyalty rewards and rep deeds. And by vault I meant the shared storage, I don't really care about the personal vaults (which should get a lot of free room after putting stuff in the wardrobe, yay).

    Fingers crossed we'll still get the patch this week here in euroland :D!

  3. *Looks from one to another*

    I...Don't know...Which to get first!!!

  4. Very nice to see those pics Lhas! Is there a calculator or price list anywhere?


  5. I haven't found one yet, Laum! Although I'm positive someone's listed the prices on *some* forum *somewhere*... But almost all of these cosmetics cost 195TP if I recall correctly.

  6. Thanks for the pictures. That raven stuff will look nice dyed white/grey.


  7. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?347917-LOTRO-Store-Full-Price-List

    This is a price list :) and thank you for posting those lovely screenies here :)